Mini Heart Cherry Pies

Its February, can you believe it?! You know what that means, ❤ Valentine’s Day! ❤ The holiday where you express your love for your significant other by showering them with roses and chocolates. All of that is wonderful but let’s be honest, the best part of this holiday whether you are single or in a relationship…… Continue reading Mini Heart Cherry Pies


Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Raise your hand if you like easy meals? If you could see me right now, both of my hands would be in the air. Its to the point in the winter where we are all ready for it to pack its cold bags, and get out. The holidays are over and it seems like there…… Continue reading Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

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5 Must Haves For Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that cooking is one of my favorite things to do. In my free time, you will most likely find me in our kitchen whipping up a family favorite recipe. This is a talent that has been passed down to me by my mom. I grew up sitting in the kitchen of my…… Continue reading 5 Must Haves For Your Kitchen

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New Years Resolution with a side of Bruschetta Chicken

With all the New Year’s resolutions to start the year off right by getting back in shape, healthy recipes are in high demand. You can work out as much as you want, but if you don’t pair it with a healthy diet you will likely see minimal results. I will be the first to tell…… Continue reading New Years Resolution with a side of Bruschetta Chicken

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Hot Chocolate Bar

Every year on Christmas morning, my family has a big breakfast after opening presents. As mentioned before, my mom is an AMAZING cook, and she does not disappoint with her breakfast. This year, she added the cutest hot chocolate bar to our yearly tradition. Not only was this absolutely delicious, it was so much fun! I…… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Bar


Pesto Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

With the holidays comes many temptations with food and drink. We typically eat very healthy in our household, but this holiday season I feel like we have fallen off the wagon as far as making healthy choices. I find myself craving nutritious and fresh food, and I was so eager to make a healthy dinner…… Continue reading Pesto Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

With the Christmas season in full swing that means cookie season is also in full swing. I’m a huge sweets person and cookies are my favorite. My favorite Christmas cookies of all-time are the Chocolate Crinkle. They are filled with chocolate goodness and topped with a decadent powered sugar. Not only are they absolutely delicious, they…… Continue reading Chocolate Crinkle Cookies