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Hello, It’s been a hot minute! This morning I cozied up with a cup of hot coffee and read the Fall issue of, The Magnolia Journal. In Joanna Gaines Letter from the Editor she shared an experience she had with overcoming fears and taking on new hobbies. Joanna explains that she always admired watercolor painting but was to nervous to give it a try, thinking that she wouldn’t be good at it. Once she finally decided to challenge that fear and take lessons, she discovered the joy this creative outlet brought to her life. This story was inspirational to me in many ways. There are often times in our lives where we make excuses as to why we can’t do something, and although pushing ourselves to overcome these fears is terrifying, it’s so worth it in the end.  My blog is something that has always been a great creative outlet for me, but I’ve let it fall to the wayside in the last year. Life has gotten busy, but more than that, I fell into a rut with it. The motivation wasn’t there and the fear of putting myself out there pushed me further and further away. Reading Joanna’s story inspired me this morning to not be afraid, to put yourself out there, and go after what you want. That being said, I’m hoping to carve out more time to work on my blog. Whether I write one blog a week or one a month, I know that I will be happy to have this be apart of my life again. We have worked on some fun house things since I last posted. We have lived in our home for 2.5 years and I’ve been picky about how I wanted to decorate. While Ben was on a hunting trip at the end of the summer, my parents and sister came over and helped me decorate various rooms in our house. A huge life update is that my family moved to the same town as Ben and I. We couldn’t be happier for them and we live literally five minutes down the road. It’s been a huge blessing to be near family again. One of my favorite rooms we decorated is our living room. We rearranged the furniture and hung pictures. It’s crazy how moving a few things around and adding your favorite art pieces can transform a room.

PoseyHouse (1 of 1)-2

What I love most about our gallery wall is that so many pieces hold sentimental value to us.

PoseyHouse (14 of 17)-2

Two of my favorite prints on display were purchased from street artists on our Ireland Honeymoon.

PoseyHouse (4 of 17)-2

PoseyHouse (8 of 17)-2

A favorite reading spot, and yes that is snow outside the window.

PoseyHouse (1 of 1)-4

PoseyHouse (1 of 1)-5

Speaking of reading, books are one of my favorite things to decorate with ❤

PoseyHouse (16 of 17)-2

Love the fun pop of color greenery adds to a space.

PoseyHouse (11 of 17)-2

PoseyHouse (13 of 17)-2

I also love decorating with old pieces such as this one. This was a magazine rack owned by my Nana and Papa. Now it houses all of our records.

PoseyHouse (7 of 17)-2

A basket full of blankets and extra pillows is a must!

PoseyHouse (1 of 1)-7

Thanks for reading and for everyone who has come back to see my blog through the years. I hope you continue to keep visiting ❤













2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Thank you for coming back! I have periodically checked for updates and am so happy to see you again! Looking forward to more recipes!🤗


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