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Kitchen Renovation: Choosing Paint Color


This week marked the start of our kitchen renovation. I’m so excited and anxious to get this process started. Our kitchen is a bit disheveled right now but the end result will be worth a week or two (hopefully) of disorganization. All the cabinet doors/drawers are off and being stripped and sanded. Now that we have started our kitchen renovations we are making decisions on the details of the design. This is my favorite part of any project because this is where your creativity comes into play and everything starts to come together. We are going to add molding to the outer edge of our cabinets to add texture and a fresh coat of paint. Read about our plans for our cabinets here. I love everything about a white kitchen. I love the clean lines and fresh feel that white cabinets give a space. I know they say, “white is white” but it’s not always the case when it comes to paint. There are many different shades and tones to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming. I love a good crisp white and with the black cabinet pulls and knobs we have picked out, I think this will be the perfect contrast.

pure white.PNGPure White by Sherwin Williams caught my eye right away. This may be my favorite so far. It’s the crisp white that I’m looking for, but with soft undertones.

extra whiteExtra White by Sherwin Williams is Ben’s favorite. I really like this one as well but I’m a little hesitant that it’s too bright.

alabasterThe last option in the running is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. This is the color that you commonly see our favorite fixer upper inspiration, Joanna Gaines, use on her HGTV show. It’s more of a creamy white, which is perfect for the modern farmhouse design that I love. My only hesitation with this color is that it has more of an ivory undertone to it.

In the end, I think the best way to decide is to purchase samples and bring them into our home. The way colors look on paint samples and pictures doesn’t always reflect how they will look in your kitchen. Lighting, size of the space, and the layout of your room can drastically change the way a color presents.

Do you have a favorite white paint that you have used in your home? I would love to hear your opinion!


Thanks for reading,

Colleen ❤



**Paint Samples via Sherwin-Williams

22 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation: Choosing Paint Color

  1. Hey Colleen: Since we just did our kitchen in Big Bay I had to chime in here…Have you ever been to Creten’s furniture in Rock? That is where we bought our kitchen cabinets for Big Bay. They make all of their cabinets in house. They have several door fronts and displays and this would give you an opportunity to look at colors on the cabinet. It may be worth a drive! Just a suggestion.


  2. I so agree that the color always looks different once it’s in your space. We always paint large posters to hold up on the wall!


  3. I LOVE kitchens in whites and grays. Unfortunately, dust is a huge deterrent in my country, this limiting the popularity of it.
    Nice color choices. Would love to see the renovated kitchen, when done. Good luck!


  4. You are so right about there being different shades of white. How a paint looks on a swatch, online, in the paint store, in the bucket, and on your wall are always different. Can’t wait to see the color you choose!


  5. painting a sample on the wall is always best! We bought a white for the trim in our bathroom and sometimes to get pure white they white has a blue tint…this came out light blue, which we didn’t notice until all the trim was painted. Not good! Had to repaint, but repurposed the light blue for our porch!


  6. I just like the pure white type and not off-white. The pure white has a futuristic look, and gives a sense of cleanliness. Of course, any dirt would be super obvious against the pure white color!


  7. I totally agree that samples are the way to go there are so many factors like lighting that can change the look once it’s on the walls!


  8. When we needed to decide on kitchen cabinet and colors I took some sample cabinet doors from our dealer and some paint samples and took them home with me. I looked at them throughout the day to see what light does to them and then picked the ones I liked best. The pure white is my favorite of those shown


  9. Deciding paint colors has always been my favorite part of the process. When I was refurbishing some furniture I swear choosing paint colors was the only part of the project I was actually looking forward to.


  10. I admire folks like you who take on a renovation head on and tackle the work themselves. I wish I were that way inclined but I’m not so, I admire it. I had my kitchen renovated last summer and didn’t lift a finger…


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