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Kitchen Updates and The Joys of Homeownership

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Ben and I spent our weekend finalizing the plans for our kitchen renovation. After living in our home for almost a year, we finally feel ready to start working on some of the bigger projects. I truly believe that living in a space for a period of time before making drastic changes really helps you get a feel for your environment and exactly what you want to do with it.

As the room we spend most of our time in, the kitchen is first on the list for updates. For me, it’s my favorite place in our house because it’s where I can let my creativity run wild with new recipes. I can’t wait to have a fresh new space to work in and as my official, “test taster”, Ben is very excited to. Our home was built in 1952 and the original flat cabinets are still in place. We explored the idea of completely ripping everything out and starting from scratch. However, after running the numbers we realized that this was not in the budget. Being the creative couple that we are, Ben and I went to work coming up with potential ways to update our kitchen on our own, within our budget. Our first idea was to add trim to our existing cabinets to make them into my favorite shaker style. This idea was unfortunately eliminated once we started measuring. If we put trim on the outer edges, we wouldn’t be able to open the doors all the way. Being the stubborn Irish girl that I am, I started coming up with ways that this could work. “Oh we don’t need to open the doors all the way, we can totally live with that”. Thank goodness I can work through my stubbornness with my practical side and talk myself off the ledge. Not only would this not be the smart choice, it would not help us if we sell our house down the road. Something we can “live with” is not always going to be attractive to future buyers.

Since our first plan was scratched, I went to my favorite inspiration tool, Pinterest. Side note: what would we do without Pinterest?! I mean seriously, this is the greatest place EVER to find ideas for your house and anything else you can think of. After scrolling through countless pins of different cabinet designs we came up with our final idea, adding molding to our cabinets. By adding molding two inches from the outer edge, we are able to update the face of our cabinets AND we can open them. Win, Win, Win.

We purchased our molding from our favorite hardware store, Lowes. Ben will be starting the renovations by removing all the doors and sanding them down. He will then cut the molding to the appropriate length and nail them to the doors. Once that is done, they will be spruced up with fresh coat of paint. Right now we are debating between Sherman Williams Pure White or Extra White. Our final touch will be adding black knobs and pulls to the cabinets and drawers. Once our cabinets are complete, the new appliances will be installed. Phase two will consist of new counter tops and back splash. I will be posting updates on our progress as we go, so stay tuned!

Now to the second part of this post, the joys of home ownership. When you think of owning your own home you think of all the fun things, not necessarily the headaches that often come with it. It’s raining nonstop here in Upper Michigan. This afternoon, I went into our basement to do laundry and discovered that the back of our basement had been flooded with about a 1/2 inch of water. We made our third trip to Lowes for the weekend to purchase a ShopVac to clean up the water as quickly as possible. Right now everything is dry and looking good so cross your fingers for us! It’s so true when they say, “there is always something” when it comes to owning a home. As someone who is a planner, the unexpected can be frustrating. These type of moments are unfortunate, but great learning experiences for new homeowners like us.

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38 thoughts on “Kitchen Updates and The Joys of Homeownership

  1. We went through things like this when we first bought the house. I’ve had my house for 15 years now, and things keep coming up LOL.


  2. Doing a kitchen renovation sounds fun! It seems like there are a lot of pieces to figure out but at the end of the day it’s really a good investment for your home. Good luck and enjoy it!!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //


  3. remodeling the kitchen is the first of many projects on my list. I’m afraid to try anything myself, but I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this moment and I can’t wait to start.


  4. I’ve heard that kitchen updates are one of the most intensive and expensive remodels. Pinterest is fabulous and I bet you have so many good ideas and inspiration!


  5. My husband wants us to buy a house very badly. But right now, I don’t think we should. I think the point where we buy a house will be when we expand our family. When kiddies are in the works, yep, a house will be purchased… I would love a yard for the little one(s)!


  6. I’m so excited to update a kitchen to my taste once we buy a house! I’m excited to follow along and see how yours turns out!


  7. The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it’s wonderful that you and your husband Ben are tackling that giant remodeling project right now. My husband and I are getting ready to replace our hardwood floors. It seems that when one home remodeling project is completed, another one pops up!


  8. your kitchen sounds like it is coming on a treat, but I feel your pain about your flood, we had one in our bathroom last year and we were three weeks without a bathroom. Sheer hell.


  9. I’m sorry about the problems yippy encountered. But it’s great that you’re remodeling…. it’ll be worth it after you see the work product.


  10. I am starting with the bones in my bathroom, and finding inspiration is so tough! your kitchen sounds like it is coming along just fine! I can’t wait to see the final product!


  11. I would love to work on a kitchen! and def i would love to have a bigger kitchen with marble all over the place


  12. I honestly HATE being a homeowner. We’re a military family, so my husband has only spent a year in our 1st home that we’ve now owned for a year. That means all the “homeowner joys” have fallen (most of the time) squarely on my shoulders. I’d go back to renting if it weren’t that I hate throwing money away.


  13. We just recently took on the chore of remodeling our kitchen. What started with changing a paint color ended up redoing our entire kitchen. I love the end result even if it took 3 months to complete.


  14. I want so badly to renovate several areas in our house but I feel like there is never the right time to do so. We have little ones so redoing our kitchen would be hard, especially when they have allergies.


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