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Hot Chocolate Bar


Every year on Christmas morning, my family has a big breakfast after opening presents. As mentioned before, my mom is an AMAZING cook, and she does not disappoint with her breakfast. This year, she added the cutest hot chocolate bar to our yearly tradition. Not only was this absolutely delicious, it was so much fun! I mean come on, would you look at those snowman marshmallows? They are almost to cute to eat! This is such a fun idea for when you have friends over or even for your little kiddos on those cold winter days. Nothing like being cozy inside with a glass of hot coco.


From the peppermint sticks, snowman marshmallows, and Santa mugs, my mom had all the fixings to make the perfect Christmas morning treat.


This hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma is the BEST. The flavor is so rich and the texture is so velvety. For you mint fanatics out there,  we placed a chocolate covered peppermint stick into ours. This gave it the perfect hint of mint without overpowering the chocolate flavor.


My favorite part about this hot chocolate is that all you have to do is warm up milk. I warmed the milk in a dutch oven on top of the stove. Once the milk is bubbly around the edges, pour the chocolate mix in. Since we were serving 7 people, I made the entire canister.


 What makes this mix so delicious is that the chocolate is not powdered, but freshly shaved. I could eat the  chocolate right out of the bag. YUM.

Mix the chocolate in by whisking continuously until its completely melted.


Don’t forget the toppings! Like I said earlier, if you want a hint of mint, add in a peppermint stick.


And of course, what is a mug of hot chocolate without the marshmallows. These snowman mallows make this glass oh-so-cute!

Serve while its hot! These adorable Santa mugs were the perfect touch for Christmas.


Scout wanted some too! If only dogs could have chocolate.

Okay, so now I know you are itching to make your own! Who wouldn’t be after looking at all those pictures of chocolate?!

You can use any type of hot chocolate, however, this Classic Hot Chocolate from www.williamsonoma.com comes strongly recommended. Click on the picture to purchase it straight from their website!

img1c img22c

These adorable snowman floats and snowmen on a stick can be found at www.williamsonoma.com.

This galvanized metal tiered stand was the perfect holder for all of our hot chocolate goodies! This one can be purchased at www.potterybarn.com. These stands are a great piece to have and are handy for many purposes and functions.


Can you even handle these adorable Santa mugs from www.potterybarn.com ? They are the cutest. My Nana made Santa mugs for my dad and his siblings for Christmas when they were young, and these look EXACTLY like them. Unfortunately, these ones from Pottery Barn are no longer available for purchase online. Click on the picture to find them at a store near you.

Now there you have it, all the necessities for the perfect cup of hot chocolate. I guarantee this will make any cold day better by adding a touch of cozy!



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