Pesto Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes


With the holidays comes many temptations with food and drink. We typically eat very healthy in our household, but this holiday season I feel like we have fallen off the wagon as far as making healthy choices. I find myself craving nutritious and fresh food, and I was so eager to make a healthy dinner to get back on track. Packed with delicious and fresh ingredients, this recipe is exactly what my body needed. These may not look like they would be filling, but let me tell you, they are packed with nutrients that fill you right up. If you are looking for an inexpensive, simple, and healthy recipe, you have come to the right place.


Cut off the tops of your tomatoes. Using a spoon, scoop out the insides

Drizzle olive oil inside the tomatoes. I used a marinade brush to make sure the insides were completely covered with the oil. Don’t forget to sprinkle some garlic salt, sea salt, and pepper inside the tomatoes.


Drizzle olive oil in the bottom of a 9X13 baking dish and place the tomatoes in the dish.


Cook the quinoa as stated on the package instructions.


While the quinoa is cooking, I diced up my onion and sautéed it in olive oil for 5-7 minutes or until translucent. Add garlic and saute until fragrant.


How gorgeous are these green spinach leaves? I love cooking with color! Don’t forget to remove the stems.


Mix your dry spices together. This recipes calls for sea salt, garlic powder,  Italian seasoning, and black pepper.


Once the onion and garlic are sautéed, add the cooked quinoa, spinach, pesto, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper into the pan with the onions. You can choose to make your own pesto, or use premade. I absolutely love the pesto from Costco and used it to make this recipe today. We always have a container of it in our refrigerator. It goes great on almost everything.


Mix together and cook until the spinach starts to wilt.


Since I made this on a Sunday, I had time to make the filling in the morning. If you do make this before-hand, allow the filling to cool and place in a container to be chilled in the refrigerator.


Spoon the delicious filling into your hollowed out tomatoes. Sprinkle the top with a pinch of garlic powder.

Bake in 9×13 baking dish for 35-40 minutes.


Top with fresh basil and parmesan cheese and bon appetit!


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