Home Sweet Home

Isn’t Nature Neat?


When looking for a house, we never could have imagined we would be able to score a backyard like ours. This was a huge selling point for this house. It offers so much privacy, and it is the best place to sit on a warm day enjoying the sunshine.

We have a small concrete patio that is the perfect space for the patio set we bought from Lowes. I couldn’t pass up the mint green lantern and these adorable twinkle lights from T.J.maxx, and I’m glad I didn’t! This is our favorite place to unwind after a long day of work, with a beer in our hands and food on the grill.


When we first moved in, the berm was covered with trees and years of leaves and brush. Ben took it as a challenge to clear the berm so that we could use it to its full potential.

My family was in town the weekend he started working on clearing the trees and my little brother Jimmy lent him a hand.


Ben worked so hard, and the end result looks amazing. I even helped him with raking and hauling the leaves out to the curb for pick up. Talk about a workout. We had by far the most leaves in the neighborhood. Our neighbors must have been wondering where in the world we were getting all the leaves from.


We have been blessed with an unusually warm fall, and it has been great to be outside working on our home together. Now that all of the trees are cleared and the brush is gone, It’s more open and our backyard feels much larger. We also have a clearer view of our deer friends when they come to visit in the early morning. Our plan for next summer is to develop that area into a usable space by adding a picnic table and a few chairs.


It’s been really neat to see how our backyard changes through the seasons. This fall was absolutely beautiful and with all the trees, our backyard was so colorful. Even though I am dreading the upcoming winter and everything that comes with it, I’m so excited to see it covered in snow. I have loved writing this blog so far, its been so fun to put my thoughts down and helps me realize just how lucky Ben and I are to have this great home to start our life together in.

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