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Living Room: A Work In Progress


Our living room is by far my favorite room in our house, and besides the kitchen, it’s the room we spend the most time in. We’ve been slowly adding to it and I’m excited to show our progress so far!

I love unique pieces that have character and have found that the best place to search for these type of items are at flea markets and antique stores. While visiting my family in Chicago this summer, we went to the Kane County Flea Market. My family has been before, but this was my first time, and I was so excited. Five minutes inside and I was in my element. I love looking at all the unique merchandise and the items that some people may think of as being junk, turned into beautiful pieces.


I scored two of these cathedral windows at one of the vendors. I was instantly drawn to the restored wood and beautiful metal working. They were going for $15 a piece, but I put my bargaining skills to work and was able to get them for two for $20.


I knew exactly the spot where these would work the best. In the entrance to our living room, we have an old buffet table that belonged to my grandmother. All throughout college I used this buffet table as my actual kitchen table. I have always loved it and wanted to use it somehow in our new house. The vintage bicycle that my mom found for Ben and I is the perfect centerpiece to bring it all together


When we moved in, we had no entertainment center and were using a side table. We were on the lookout for an appropriate entertainment center but didn’t want to spend a fortune. There is an adorable shop in Houghton, Michigan called Urban Rustics.  It is near the town where my husband grew up and I love to stop in there when we are in town to visit his family. It is like a flea market, but in store form. They have a bunch of different vendors set up throughout the store and every vendor is stacked with tons of goodies. I could literally buy every single thing in there, it’s dangerous. Luckily, their items are all reasonably priced.


I found this entertainment center tucked into the corner of the basement level. It was surrounded by a bunch of items and if you blinked, you could miss it. Something about it caught my eye. It was such a cute piece that was the perfect size for the area of our living room where we were putting our TV. It also helped that it was priced perfectly at $63.00.

This side table also belonged to my grandparents. It was at my parents house forever and I have always admired it. It definitely needs some TLC and I’ve thought painting it, but there is something about the distressed and worn look that I like. For now I’m going to keep it as it is.

I absolutely love this coffee table. My cousins graciously gave this to Ben and I when we moved in to our house. This is the perfect spot to store all of our cozy quilts, and the perfect piece to complete our seating area.


The windows are my favorite part of the room. I love how big the main window is and all the natural light they both let in makes the room so cozy. When deciding on window treatments I wanted a neutral curtain that wouldn’t take away from the space, but blend into it. I think these curtains do just that. The area rug we chose, as seen above, brings in the grays from the walls and curtains  and the whites from our trim and molding. I love how it ties it all together and really warms up the room


The orange chair in this picture was given to us by a friend of my moms. We love this chair, and it is my favorite place to be on a Sunday morning with my cup of coffee and a good book. Eventually we are planning to Reupholster it so it matches our other furniture, but for now it works just fine.

These are our favorite pieces so far! Our next project is to make a gallery wall behind our couch with photos from our wedding and our honeymoon. We’re so happy with how this room is coming together. Like I said before, this is our main gathering space and it is turning out to be exactly the way we hoped, cozy and welcoming.

4 thoughts on “Living Room: A Work In Progress

    1. Thank you, Mary Lou. Did you see the part about the coffee table? Ben and I love it! Its one of my favorite pieces of furniture from my favorite people 🙂 Can’t wait to see you for Thanksgiving.


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