This Old Thing?


Four years ago, this lamp was thrown to the curb of a college house on the street where I lived. Ben insisted on taking it for his new apartment. For a broke college student, this was a real score. If you would have told me that this lamp would have made it through three moves and now has found a spot in our living room, I would have laughed. I’ve never been a fan of the worn brass base and old lampshade, but it was one less item we had to buy. Now that we are looking at decorating our living room we are looking at ways to save. Through the years the lamp has grown on me and it works great, so I wanted to see if we could give it a new look. Nothing that a can of black spray paint and a new lampshade can’t fix. There is something satisfying about using items you already have and restoring them to look even better than before.


Ben helped me spray paint the base and the cord so that it was all black to match the hardware in our living room. I purchased this spray paint for $1.99 at Lowe’s (talk about bargain). The old lampshade had to go and this gray neutral one from Target works perfectly. The lampshade cost $16.99 which brought the grand total of this DIY project to just under $20 bucks!


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